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2019-042019 Shenzhen Smart City Forum 2018-09Innov@zhen 2018-08Shenzhen: Made with Global Vision 2018-062018 Shenzhen English Speech Competition - Online Session 2018-06Crossing Borders, Creating A Sincere City 2018-06New Era X Going Global 2018-05London Tech Week@China - Shenzhen 2018-043 City Accounts launched on CityPlus
2019 Shenzhen Smart City Forum2019-04

“2019 Shenzhen Smart City Forum with International Friendship Cities” will be held in Shenzhen from May 14th to 15th, 2019.


Latest News from 7 Overseas Innovation Centers

Shenzhen: Made with Global Vision2018-08

Story Behind the Globalization of Shenzhen Brands

2018 Shenzhen English Speech Competition - Online Session2018-06

Crossing Borders, Creating A Sincere City2018-06

The Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association has created a global festival: the "616 Global Cross-border E-Commerce Festival", which became a milestone in the field of cross-border trade.

New Era X Going Global2018-06

Shenzhen International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (SFIEC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) jointly launched a special edition called "New Era X Going Global"

London Tech Week@China - Shenzhen2018-05

Gather the world's scientific and technological elite and enthusiasts to jointly shape the future of science and technology.

3 City Accounts launched on CityPlus2018-04

Like people, cities have stories and memories. Newcomers find familiar corners and use scenic clues to win rewards. Take part in CityPlus and play with more cities.