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'Just Shenzhen' in 1 minute
Immersive Urban Exploration

The "Just Shenzhen" Urban Experience, is an "Internet plus" immersive public exploration activity with a unique Shenzhen perspective. It will help visitors attain an in-depth understanding of the culture, history, technology and living environment of Shenzhen.


The activity provides a route to explore the city and other special subjects (such as innovation, environmental protection, food). Referring to the directions, check in and interact at important landmarks, exploring Shenzhen in the form of a game. Therefore, participants can experience Shenzhen’s innovative vitality, and activities and fun will be added into city promotion.

For all ages

“Just Shenzhen” is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds; whether you’re a newcomer in town or born-and-raised in Shenzhen, you can always discover something new and interesting!

With 'Just Shenzhen',you can visit many places in the city, so you can discover and explore the city in the most interesting places here as we did.

  • Team ‘Love Shenzhen’

Even though we’ve been here for 11 years, we learned something new with Just Shenzhen! With’Just Shenzhen’,you can visit many...

  • Team ‘Quintessentially Shenzhen’

With this tour we’ve explored many fun sites in OCT-LOFT!

  • Team ‘Weight-Lifting Girls’
  • How to experience 'Just Shenzhen'

    You can either ①get the toolkits from the U station (see "Introduction to All Sites" (link) for details) to start the experience; ②download the toolkits online and go to the relevant places to explore.

  • What can I get from 'Just Shenzhen'?

    We have five interesting Shenzhen stories hidden at each site. This will be a good chance to know more about Shenzhen! Want to know why the Minghua Cruise is located at Shekou Seaworld? Want to know what's hidden in Lianhuashan park? Want to know when and where the first McDonald's opened in mainland China? "Just Shenzhen" will tell you all this and more.

  • Is there any reward after exploring 'Just Shenzhen'?

    After finishing the tasks at each site, return the Toolkit to its pickup location, check with the volunteer/staff, and get a stamp on your map. You will also receive “Just Shenzhen” stickers and postcards for your hard work! If you finish all eight sites, simply go to the U station in Shekou Sea World and show the volunteer all your stamps for a “big prize”: your choice of a hat, a card case, or a t-shirt—all tailor-made for “Just Shenzhen.”